The Honorary Chairman



Mr. Hoi Ying Ngai is the Executive Honorary Chairman of the American Chinese Organization Federation.

After graduated from Tsinghua University with Master’s Degree in the School of Economics and Management, Mr. Hoi Ying has acquired years of working experience in financing, investing, trading, and sales. He is currently the president of Global World Investment (Group) Limited, an investment company in Hong Kong specializing in investment and financing.


Executive Honorary Chairman, American Chinese Organization Federation

Executive President, U.S. Oriental Culture Association

Golden Diamond Honorary President, Hong Kong 11th and 12th Central and Western District Festival Coordinating Committee

Honorary President, Hong Kong Central and Western District Association

Director, Hong Kong Chiuchow Chamber of Commerce

Director, Hangzhou Overseas Friendship Association

Director, Shanghai Huaxia Culture Promotion Association

Director, Shanghai Overseas Friendship Association

Vice President, China Federation of Public Welfare

President, Zhongshan Chaoren Overseas Friendship Association

Vice Chairman, Zhongshan Torch Development Zone Federation of Industry and Commerce

Hong Kong Chiuchow Federation – Permanent Honorary President

Hong Kong Chiuchow Merchants Mutual Aid Association – Permanent Honorary President

Honorary President, Federation of Chiuchow Associations of Hong Kong

Vice Chairman, Hong Kong Kowloon Chiuchow Association