Combat Asian Hate!


Racism and Violence have been plagues upon our societies for ages. Because of the stigma of the geographical origins of Covid-19, racism and violence towards members of the Asian and Pacific Islanders’ group has skyrocketed. According to, roughly 3,800 incidents of racially incited incidents were reported to their organization. This, unfortunately, is just a small fraction of the actual number of incidents that occur.

As seen from the chart above, the largest amount (35.4%) of incidents occur at places of business. This site of discrimination discourages repeat business. In turn, it causes an increased friction in business processes and decreases business activities.

Beyond business, hate crimes have a broader impact on the immediate victim as well as others like them. Not only does Hate Crimes destroy lives and devastate families, they also traumatize the communities in which they occur. These acts make groups suspicious and fearful of one another and restrained from engaging in civic life or working with local law enforcement in investigating and preventing crime.

In support of our communities, the Chinese Enterprises Chamber of Commerce strives to unify our communities, to spread awareness, and to educate the future against racism and prejudice.

We unify our communities by sticking up for each other and working with other organizations focused on cultural and ethnic awareness, including organizations with African American, Hispanic, and Jewish backgrounds.

We spread awareness by communicating with the County of Los Angeles to initiate the “Stop the Asian hate” Program and calling out hate crimes and injustice whenever and wherever we see them.

We educate by promoting cultural events that show others people of different origins are not to be fear or hated as well as partnering with organizations such as the Asian Youth Center (AYC).

See Reports on Combating Asian Hate:

To Report an Incident, please visit: Stop AAPI Hate